Policy on clothing and personal belongings

Take a look at Ipswich Private Kindergarten Ltd’s clothing policies and more. Get in touch with us to discuss in person.

Everyday clothing

Dress for fun! IPK’s days are filled with all kinds of hands-on learning, so clothing should be simple, washable and comfortable. Please do not dress your child in their best clothes as paint, glue, play dough etc. are frequently used and, although protective aprons are provided for these activities, stray splashes could stain clothing. Since our classroom extends to the outdoors please dress your child appropriately for the weather. Footwear should be sensible to prevent slipping and tripping when using the apparatus.

We also require a sunhat that can remain at the nursery for the duration of the summer. For Health and Safety reasons we do not allow children outside without hats during hot weather, and we recommend that children do not wear flip flops for safety.

Spare clothing

For the inevitable accidents (especially during potty training), IPK hold a limited amount of spare clothing but, naturally, children feel much more comfortable wearing their own clothes, so we request that all children bring at least one spare set of clothing in a named bag which can be left at the nursery on their peg. To find out more about our kindergarten, teaching methods and curriculum, get in touch with us today.

Personal belongings

Many children need comfort items for rest time which is not a problem, but please make sure personal items are labelled as many children become very distressed if their special blanket or comfort item becomes lost. We do ask that toys and other items from home (apart from comfort items) are not brought into the nursery as they can cause arguments and also broken hearts if they go missing or get damaged.

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