Health and injuries at our kindergarten

Take a look at our health and injury policy at Ipswich Private Kindergarten Ltd. Visit our kindergarten in Ipswich or call us for more information.

Illness and health

Parents will naturally have an interest in an infection-free environment for their children, we therefore ask for co-operation in achieving this. Whilst we are able to accept children with minor ailments such as coughs and colds, we cannot accept children who show signs of more serious illnesses like tummy upsets and childhood diseases such as mumps, measles, chickenpox, etc.
It is important that the kindergarten manager is told of any communicable illness so that other parents can be informed. The ill child should be kept away from kindergarten during the infectious period in accordance with our enclosed guidelines and should not return until he or she is obviously well enough to do so.


If your child requires medication whilst attending Kindergarten we will be happy to carry out your written instructions. Written authorisation must be given by completing the appropriate form that can be found in the classrooms.
If you need to send medication to kindergarten, we require that prescription medicine be in the original, pharmacy –labelled container with the child’s name, type of medication, date, frequency and dosage to be taken. For the safety of other children in the kindergarten, medication must be handed directly to the child’s key-worker and must not be left in bags or pockets.
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Injuries and accidents

In the event your child suffers an injury, other than minor bumps and scrapes, we will contact you immediately. For this reason it is essential that we have up-to-date telephone numbers to ensure you have been informed in the event of any mishap.
In the event of an accident that requires hospital treatment, whilst every attempt will be made to contact you and the emergency carer, if we are unsuccessful we require your consent to take appropriate action. In the event of such an occurrence, whilst taking appropriate action, we will continue to make every attempt to contact you until we are successful. If this is unacceptable to you please ensure a manager is fully aware before registering your child at IPK.

Brilliant nursery!

We have 2 girls that have both attended IPK and loved it. Friendly staff and a lovely setting.
Both girls developed really well during their time, and staff support learning where required/requesred by the parents.
Would highly recommend!
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